‘Architecture and Attitude’ – a brick-and-mortar dream!

I always believed that when an architect designs for himself irrespective of whether its a desk or a house or an office he thinks that is the best he has designed and why not In the case of Sourabh Gupta, he has gone a step ahead and published an entire book on his work space as passionately as the structure itself! This certainly needs courage for a young practice apart from believing in your work try-n-escape.com
I’ve never met Sourabh.

Teaching methods and early learning teaching resources

Teaching early learners is quite the challenge, especially in this day and age when children are exposed to stimulus on a daily basis that technological developments provide. Students nowadays have become more demanding and less likely to enjoy the simple things like flash cards and sing along videos that used to make the day of our generations students.Amazingcabinetry
Furthermore, teachers face a much larger challenge they did in those days; in addition to instilling in students the flexibility to readil…

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